2017 Weekend #1: Rainy Days in SF

My challenge to take full advantage of my weekends for 2017 is off to a rough start!  Jack and I were planning a trip to go to Tahoe for our 2nd ski weekend of the season.  The snow had been dumping, and they had received around 70 inches of snow Monday-Wednesday!  On Thursday/Friday, the weather reports were not looking so good for the weekend – heavy rain and high winds would likely shut down the lifts.  After getting some feedback from other people, we decided to cancel our hotel room in Reno and stick with a rainy weekend in SF.

On Saturday, Jack and I had been meaning to go see Rogue One forever so we finally decided to use the rainy day and our free movie tickets to see it! We BARTed over to the Metreon theater to eat a quick lunch before our movie started at 2:15.   I’ve consistently been disappointed with the food court there – the food is pretty terrible to be honest, so I decided to just eat a few bites of Jack’s Thai combo platter and save room for popcorn!

When we headed up to go see the movie, the fire alarm started going off while we were standing in the concessions line.  I looked to the staff a little confused – was this just a drill? Do we need to evacuate?  The staff literally did nothing and kept serving popcorn!  There were also a bunch of construction guys who just kept working on their projects like nothing was happening.  Eventually I started people starting to filter out of the actual theater so we headed outside to be safe (still with basically no direction from the AMC staff).  We waited outside for about 5 minutes (in the rain) when one of the security guards told us it was all clear to head back upstairs.

Once we got upstairs, the AMC staff were still incredibly confused and disorganized.  They told us to head back down, which we told them security was telling us to come back upstairs. We just waited in the concessions area until eventually a manager came and told them it was okay to start serving again.  Overall, this was pretty alarming considering how unprepared the staff were – what if it were an ACTUAL emergency?!

The alarm started going off around 1:50PM, and we were back in our seats with popcorn amount 5 minutes to spare before the movie started at 2:10PM.  There was nothing on the screen, but we snagged some of the last seats in the theater (it’s a small theater with recliner seats).  At around 2:20PM, the “First Look” commercials started playing. I thought someone would catch this and start the actual movie, but they played the ENTIRE 20 minutes of content  despite being so behind schedule!!!

Our movie finally started around 2:55PM, but to make matters worse we had all paid to see the movie in 3D , and this version was not 3D.   A few guys in the front row got up to go tell the staff, and they paused and restarted the movie correctly in 3D.  By this time it was around 3:05 – nearly an hour after the movie was supposed to start!  I get that fire alarms happen, but I think starting the trailers at maybe 2:30 would still have allowed anyone who was late from the fire alarm time to get their seats before starting the trailers.

I actually really enjoyed the movie! [SPOILER] I liked how it tied into where we pick up The New Hope, though I was somewhat disappointed that all of the main characters of the film die at the end. After the movie, we headed home to make dinner and just relax after an eventful afternoon.

Sunday was spent cleaning our apartment, doing laundry, and eating El Farolito burritos 🙂 It also made us feel better to know we made the right call in regards to staying home – all the resorts shut down entirely on Sunday and there were mudslides blocking the roads back to SF.  Especially with our upcoming trip to NYC, the lazy day was much needed down time!

2017 Weekend #1 DOWN! 51 weekends to go – a quick preview of our plans through the end of March:

  • Weekend #2 MLK Weekend 1/11-16: Visitng friends in NYC
  • Weekend #3,4 & 5 : Skiing in Tahoe
  • Weekend #6: Elephant Seals in Ano Nuevo
  • Weekend #7: Portland
  • Weekends #8 & 9: Skiing in Tahoe
  • Weekend #10: San Francisco
  • Weekend #11: Skiing in Tahoe
  • Weekend #12: Camping in Pinnacles National Park

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