2017 Weekend #2: New York City!

After an uneventful 2017 Weekend #1 due to a monster snow storm that cancelled our Tahoe trip, I was very excited to be heading to NYC for an extended MLK weekend! I realized it was my first time back to New York since graduating college, and I hadn’t been to NYC itself in around 4 years.

Instead of doing a full trip report since I’m posting this too late, a few highlights and realizations for me:

  • I love my friends: it was awesome to get to see so many people that I hadn’t seen in nearly 3 years.  A little bummed that some people were out of town, but that’s what I get for planning a last minute trip!  Overall it made me remember how much I loved college and how lucky I am to have these people around me.
  • Elevators are slow: I spent a lot of time waiting for elevators during my visit to NYC.  My office was on the 72nd floor of the Empire State Building, which had a confusing elevator button system and they took a long time to come to your floor on the way out.  Waiting for my friend’s elevator at his apartment also took a long time and I felt terrible for the people on the lower floors.  He was on floor 27, and we often stopped with a full elevator on floors 7-9 where the person just looked unhappy.  I would get so frustrated! Now don’t get me wrong, we have elevators here in SF.  But I don’t have one by my apartment and my office has 5 elevators for 18 floors.  I’m never waiting more than a minute for an elevator and rarely is one ever full.
  • Inconvenient airports: I understand that most airports don’t have the luxury of SFO, but SFO is soooooo much better than JFK/Newark/LaGuardia.  It’s a very cheap Lyft ride ($20) or a simple BART ride away.  In NYC, you have to transfer between trains and buses.  Don’t even get me started on how much a cab would cost.  I much prefer both SFO and OAK.
  • Book of Mormon: it was sooooo worth it to see this show! We showed up around 11:45 AM for the noon lottery, but missed our spot.  Luckily we were able to secure 1 standing ticket and 1 “limited legroom” reduced ticket for $95 – a  pretty good deal for Broadway!  I stood the entire show because it had a better view of the stage, and it was totally awesome.  I laughed pretty much the entire show and am still singing the songs a few weeks later.
  • Trump Tower: URGH.  We visited a few days before the election, and it was just depressing.  So much of the street is shut down and news crews are camped out.  It just makes me so angry but also wondering what I can do to influence the situation.

Overall, I realized that I’m really really glad I live in San Francisco instead of NYC. It reinforced my decision after college that I needed to move back to the West (best) Coast.  I’m probably one of the few people to admit that I don’t like NYC, but I’m also okay with that.  At least the Halal Guys just opened a spot in downtown SF!




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